Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Very First Post

Ok. So, this is my first post to my newly created blog. I'm excited to be here but am totally clueless as to what I am doing. I guess I will learn as I go, Huh? Why did I create a blog? Well, to be help promote my tear bears and build my business. I'm totally addicted to tear bears! I'll post some here to show you what I do. I'm also involved with a wonderful group of ladies on ebay called the Making Lemonade Design Team. I'm co-leader and Emily is our wonderful leader. Just type in MLDT in the search engine on ebay and you will find us!

My favorite color is green, so you will see a lot of green in my blog. I think it is just a bright cheerful color. My eyes are also green, that might be another reason I love the color,LOL!