Saturday, October 25, 2008

Puppies are ready for new homes!

So, I have these 4 beautiful daschund puppies that need new homes. We have 2 girls and 2 boys left. They turned 6 wks old on Friday Oct 24,2008. They are beautiful little miniatures. We took the liberty of naming each one, but I'm sure whoever they go home with will give them new names. The names that we gave them are Boomer (he's the largest doggie and so sweet), Clyde (he has white on his little paws), SaraBella (she was born feet first and I helped deliver her) and my favorite little gal Ruby.


The6ofusinca said...

OMG! Look at that handfull of pupps! * I think this picture makes me the happiest today!
I just wanna nuzzle in their cute faces!!!

Margaret said...

They are sweet little things! And they like to cuddle and snuggle. Only bad thing...they have super icky puppy breath. LOL