Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A purple MONSTER or what?

I bet you never saw such a funny thing in all of your life. This is our little boy, Steven. His cousin Delanie got a stamp set for Christmas and Steven found the stamp pad in it. We had no idea he was even into her stuff, he was supposed to be napping. Imagine our surprise when he sneaked down the stairs and my sister was the first one to see him. My sister, Teresa, yelled for me to come and look at Stevie, she thought there was something seriously wrong with him. I came running into the living room and imagine my surprise when I saw the little purple monster!! I doubled over laughing, I couldn't even stand up to catch my breath. We had no clue at this point what was all over his face. I had to ask him if Mommy could have some. He finally took me up and showed me what he had. He had threw the little purple stamp pad under his bed, it's a wonder he didn't have it everywhere. His face and hands were enough. What to do with a little purple monster. LOL!


Kimberly said...

Oh my goodness Margaret!!! How FUNNY!!! He missed a few spots, but did a pretty darn good job at covering as much skin as possible! Hahaha! Was it hard to get off? Hope it was washable, and he didn't have to stay purple too long! :o)

Margaret said...

No Kimberly, it was NOT washable. I had him in the bathtub for at least an hour scrubbing his little face. We finally got it to a soft pink color, which eventually wore off. LOL

Allies Creative Designs said...

Margaret, This is so cute!! Oh my!
These are the times that you will remember and laugh later in years. I can remember our son doing such things, but now I truly enjoy remembering. Now, we have our grandson who we can now enjoy.