Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I love Easter....and Easter Bunnies! I just can't help myself when it comes to Easter. I get all silly and sentimental. With my tear animals I always try and make items for the holidays. Right now my mind is geared for Easter and St. Patricks Day. With Easter I love all of the pastel, blue, soft green, pale yellow, light purple. I was at Walmart yesterday and couldn't help but notice that one whole row of Easter items was broken down by colors. One section was blue (blue whopper boxes, Reeses cups, suckers, eggs, bunnies, etc.,), another yellow, another orange...well, I think you get the picture. I wanted to go crazy and start buying all of that stuff now! I refrained from doing so though.

I have found that my Easter tear bunnies are doing fabulous on ebay. I just wanted to share pics of the two bunnies that I've recently completed. Let me know what you think....leave me a comment.

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Allies Creative Designs said...

OMG, what cuties you have there.
These little bunnies are beautiful!!!