Monday, June 22, 2009

Purple Bearie Tear Bear 2 piece Set!

I love my job of making tear bears. I love the fact that I can sit down and create anything that I think about, whether it is a bear in the clouds or a bear wearing a skirt. If I can imagine it, I can create it! This little gal is the 2nd in my Bearie Bears series. I think she is simply darling. She has a lot of personality and if full of laughter. Holding a nest full of blue eggs, she is setting on her tree stump giggling at what she has found. It's her very own little treasure. Can't you just see her little wings twittering in the breeze and the little daisies on the tree stump swaying back and forth. I hope you will go on over to ebay and bid on her. I'm starting her off at just $9.99. There are two pieces in this set, the bear and the tree stump. Everything was hand done by me. Go on over to ebay and type in kms4life1989 and pull up all my auctions. Maybe there is something there that you just can't live without.
Thanks for stopping in and visiting. You know how I love visitors. I hope you will stop back in again.
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