Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Hello, Halloween if approaching fast! I love this time of year so much. My little boy already has his costume, he's going to be Buzz Light Year. He said Daddy was going to be Woody and I could be the Dinosaur. I guess those are the 3 characters he likes best from Toy Story 2. Thanks to his grandma Melissa for getting him such a nice costume this year.
Halloween always inspires me to create new bears. I have some really neat die cuts from K&Co that I purchased last year. I decided to dissect some of them and add bear heads. I think they've turned out really cute. A set of 2 ghost buddies. Could be either girls or boys or a combination of both. I will add bows if you want them to be girls. Doesn't every little child like to play with a sheet and try to scare you? I know mine does. So, if they don't sell...I'll use them myself. LOL.
Please come and check them out on ebay. I'd love for you to share my blog with your friends. I know it is kind of plain, but I'm working on it. Thanks for stopping in today. I've enjoyed our visit. Come back soon!
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