Thursday, May 20, 2010

Butterfly Kisses Paper Bag Album

Hello! I sure hope everyone is doing well. I'm trying to post more often on the things that I have been working on. If anyone knows me, I'm sort of a perfectionist when it comes to scrapbooking or any kind of thing that involves crafting. Everything has to look uniform, nice straight lines. It takes forever to do a scrap book page or an album like I'm getting ready to share with you.

I've watched a few youtube videos on how to do a pb album. Some were totally off the wall, while others were more simple. I'm trying a simple one first. I even bought bigger bags a few weeks ago to try a little bit bigger of an album. Wish me luck.

Anyways. I hope you are ready to take a look at my pb album. I have it listed on ebay for $24.99. I hope to get a couple of bites on it. I worked really hard on this lovely album. If you love butterflies go check it out.

I'm rambling now. Thanks for stopping in for a visit. I appreciate it.


starla said...

These paper bag albums are my absolute favorite! Wow at your creativity and craftsmenship! So beautiful!

Just A Few said...

Hey girl...your as bad as I am about keeping up with our blog! lol I have made a committment to post every Mon-Wed-Fri on mine, wish me luck. I love this book!! Its sooo beautifully done! is beautifully a word?? lol I made my first paperbag album, I have about 2 pages to go and then I'll list it on ebay. You think we should assign days for our LLDT blog so we can keep it going daily? ok doing a blog hop, ttyl. xoxoxoxo