Thursday, November 4, 2010

November Creations!

November already?
What plans do you have for this month? November is a big month at our house. My niece and I both celebrate a birthday on the same we just party all month long. Then there is traveling to our families for Thanksgiving Day. Love eating all that turkey and stuffing. UmmmUmmm goooood!

This week I've been working on an assortment of bears. Another cute lollipop bear and a precious vintage look bear. They say anything 20 yrs or older is vintage....well I guess I am vintage. All the toys I played with as a kid would be considered vintage. That's why I created the vintage bear....he reminded me of days gone by.

Please head on over to ebay and check them out or CLICK here and be automatically directed there.

I'll be adding lots of new items this month and they will have time to get to your by Christmas. So, bid.  Handmade items warm the heart better than any old store bought item.

Have a great week, stop back in for another visit and bring a friend.

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Denise @ kc242 said...

Hi Margaret! She is sooooo sweet!
I miss talking to you all! Denise