Friday, February 11, 2011

I'd like to announce that I am a proud member of CSPT on ebay!

Hello everyone!
I had my surgery on Tuesday and today is Friday! I'm feeling somewhat better today. The last couple of days have been torture due to all the pain I've been having.

I'd like to announce that CSPT has accepted me as one of their newest members on ebay. I'm so super excited about this. I have always wanted to be member of this awesome seller's group on ebay. I'll be posting with their logo in about 2 weeks time. Go on over to ebay and type in CSPT into the search bar to see all of our wonderful auctions. There are some very talented ladies there, they are all very talented! LOL.

Thanks for stopping in and letting me share my good news with you today. Have an AWESOME weekend!


Just a Few Designs said...

Hi girly...I hope your feeling better and on your way to a quick recovery! Congrats on your new team assignment! I hope you do well!!
take care and keep in touch!

Margaret said...

Thanks Elsa! You are such a sweetie!!