Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hello Everyone! Thanks for stopping by and becoming followers of my blog. I'm so excited to have you!!! Big thanks to Emily from CreateSerendipity for asking me to be a part of a blog hop by sponsoring some of my tear animals for it.

I really do love making my tear bears and chicks. It's a pleasure to be able to share my creativity with you. I hope the lucky winner will put them to good use!

All newbies, again, welcome to my blog and I hope you will stop on over at ebay and bid on some of my goodies.

Drop in anytime and chat with me and enjoy a cup of coffee for me. I can no longer drink coffee because of my surgery. :(

Have a great day!!


Emily said...

Oh Margaret! Will you ever be able to drink coffee? I sure hope you can get more use out of your Keurig! :-) Thanks again for donating your cute little tear animals for the blog hop! Hopefully more people will stop by and see how awesome your work is!

Margaret said...

Thanks Emily! I can drink decaf...but its not the same. LOL. You are certainly welcome! You know I'd help you out with anything. We are "scrapsisters".

Anonymous said...

No coffee?!?! No fun! And a Keurig! Well, at least you get to have decaf. But your right, still not the same! Love your little tear animals! They are too cute :o)

:o) Denver @

Anonymous said...

Oh, haha! Emily sent me here!!

Theresa said...

Emily from Create Serendipity sent me over to you and I am glad that I found you! Your designs are just so cute! I am crossing my fingers I win lol.
Thanks, Theresa

Margaret said...

Glad Emily sent your over girls! Welcome to my little part of paradise. I know, right? about the coffee thing. I tried drinking a cup the other day....and it gave me terrible heartburn. Lapband didn't like it to well. :) One of these days, hopefully I'll be able to drink it again.

Kreations by Kathy said...

Emily sent me-love your little chick!