Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekly post of my Lil Sweeties on Ebay.

Wow, my second post for the day. This is coming late in the evening so please forgive me if there are spelling errors and grammical mistakes. LOL.

I've been busy today because I wanted to get my new items posted on ebay before I went in for surgery tomorrow morning.

Each one of these lil' sweeties are to die for. Each one has their own little detail and theme. I'm really into making them right now. All different colors and all different themes. Don't see a particular color that you'd like to see....let me know and I'll create something and list it on ebay.


I'll be saving all my ebay earnings to buy me some new clothes as I loose weight.
Have a wonderful week and please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. It's gonna be a rough week for me.
Stop by and have a cup of coffee and browse my blog. Never know when you might learn something new.


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