Wednesday, August 3, 2011



grunge   /grʌndʒ/ Show Spelled[gruhnj]

noun Slang .

1. dirt; filth; rubbish.

2. something of inferior quality; trash: He didn't know good music from grunge.

I've never tried "GRUNGE" in the scrapbooking world or I didn't think that I had. So...after doing a little research and investigating what it was...maybe I have.
The definition of grunge is above.
To the best of my knowledge and understanding, Grunge is a worn, frayed edges, stained warm and wonderful look. Colors normally used are tans, browns, greens, and warm blues and even black.
Tea can be used to stain  tags, lace or other embellishments to give it that old, worn look.
Now that I know what Grunge makes me think of Vintage. Things that are worn, stained with time.

Hope I've helped others understand what grunge is.

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