Saturday, August 11, 2012

Surprise Time with The Pride

Hello All! So good to see each of you today.
It's time to pounce again with the Pride. I'm so excited to share what I created for the Pride's little hop today.
I love having challenges, but this month we get to surprise our followers and our pack.
So, I've been seeing these ACEO cards in different places. I had no idea what an ACEO card was. Being the nosy and inquisitive person that I am....I looked it up.
Here's what it says:ACEO stands for Art Cards Editions and Originals. It is an art format started by an artist on Ebay two years ago. This artist is known by "bone*diva" on Ebay, but her real name is Lisa Luree.
ACEOs are collectible little pieces of art. An ACEO is always two and one-half inches by three and one-half inches. That is the size of a standard sports trading card. The rule about size is the ONLY rule in the ACEO world. An ACEO can be created in any medium the artist desires: paint, colored pencils, ink, etc. There are even ACEOs made from wood, clay, fabric, and metal.
ACEOs are tiny art works that can be matted and framed to hang on the wall. Many people display their ACEO collections in the same kind of plastic sheets and albums that sports card collectors use. You might slip an ACEO into a greeting card as an extra surprise for a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas. ACEOs sell on Ebay for anywhere from ninety-nine cents to over one hundred dollars or more!

Are you ready to see my ACEO card?
 I did a set of cards. School will be starting in a couple of weeks and I thought these would look so cute on a layout of school pics....whether it be the class pic or the 1st day of school pic.
Cool, huh?
Make sure you drop by BON's Blog next and see what she has created. If you happened here by chance start at the beginning and check out KIM's blog.
I will leave you with a few more pics!

Thanks for joining the pack today and pouncing around in our dens.


A Creative Operation said...

Totally super cute!!! I love them!!! I haven't done these at all, they are intimidating to me because they are so small...but you rocked them! Great job!

Norma Gomez said...

These are sooo cute! I love your little bears :D

Proudmommy702 said...

Talk about sweet and adorable. I love them.

Pocono Pam said...

Toooooooo cute! Love all of the dimension! AWESOME JOB!!!!

Yvonne "Bon" Ledford said...

As always you just captured "adorable" and put it on an ACEO card!! Now you have peaked my interest too!! Excellent creation sister cub!! I love everything you create!!! I am so happy to be in your company!! Big Hugs :)

Kimibee said...

What adorable little cards!! you have created adorable little those bears...awesome!! so proud to be prowling with you....thanks for hopping along...{{{hugs}}}

Just a Few Designs said...

Hi girlfriend!! wow! your lil bears are just too cute!! all colorful!! You rocked this project!!
Elsa (miss you my friend, thanks for the prayers!!!)

Crafter Dude said...

Love your project. I collect bear's.. I think these are so adorable. Awesome job.

Linda said...

Super cute cards Margaret! I've heard of ATC cards but not ACEO cards. Thanks for the info!

Sue Hornsby said...

Blogger finally let me leave a comment! I love these Cards! Your little bears are so cute!